SMS Opt-out for Dummies

And now, a Public Service Announcement for those of you who subscribe to SMS (text) messages:

“Fuck you asshole” is not a carrier-recognized command to be removed from a list you’ve joined.

However, the following keywords are required to work as an opt-out command:

  • Stop
  • Cancel
  • Quit
  • Unsubscribe
  • End

So you might want to try those first, and if you’re still receiving messages you want to opt out of, maybe try “Help.” It’s surprisingly… um… helpful! You should also be aware that, since there are, y’know, regulations involved and all, the transactions (that is, your messages) between you and any given short code are in fact stored and time-stamped, so that if you want to report a spammer to the FCC, both you and they have proof of who did what and when. With that said, you might not want to text in something that could get you in trouble, or maybe made fun of on someone’s blog. 😉

If you’re on the other side of the mobile marketing interaction, do your part by adhering to US Consumer Best Practices (5 mb PDF, courtesy of Mobile Marketing Association).

Yury at Recess Mobile’s Writing SMS Opt-Out (STOP) Messages is also an excellent primer in the mandatory opt-out workflow, and geared a little more toward developers than marketers per se.

Me, I’m just a snarky old broad who finds inspiration for educational blog posts among the strange things that cross my desk during the day. Many a marketer’s SMS Inbox contains some gems worthy of, that’s for damned sure! 🙂

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