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My New Job: More Head (Shaving)!



Yeah, I just couldn’t resist playing on that old saw, “It’s not less hair, it’s more head!” What can I say? My mind always goes straight into the gutter!

So… I just started working for HeadBlade and until now, I never noticed how many people shave their heads! Is it weird that every time I see a head-shaver, I want to ask, “What do you use to shave your head?” and if they don’t already know about it, tell them all the benefits of using a HeadBlade and our line of headcare products?

 For several years now head-shaving has been a trend, with more and more athletes and celebrities rockin’ their slick domes – and looking damned sexy doing it. Marianne Schaberg at The Date Report even gives us 6 Reasons Bald Guys Make Better Boyfriends. Even some women are going for the shaved head look, as InStyle UK reported in a November, 2014 piece, “Is Shaving Your Head the Latest Celeb Beauty Trend?” — and they’re still beautiful!