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Bloodied but not unblogged

So I’ve settled on a design I can live with for the moment, and am adding plugins & widgets as I go. The top right part of the header bores me, so I’m looking for a cool twitter widget, or maybe a random quote generator for up there.

I’ve still got the rather daunting task before me of sorting through the old blog’s export, getting rid of anything with broken links or that is otherwise irrelevant, making it digestible to WordPress and then (hopefully) integrating it all in one smooth pass. Heh. A girl can dream, right?

The video I took yesterday at Ronnie James Dio’s memorial is all captured & cut into the first round of clips, but after a few late nights and long days in the sun I’ve run out of steam to get them edited, encoded and uploaded today. I’m easily annoyed with this computer’s lack of power. It’s fine for browsing and whatnot, but working with video makes me want to cry. I miss my laptop… waaaah!

It would also help immensely if I’d stop getting sidetracked by all the good stuff that shows up in my Facebook and Twitter feeds, too! Maybe I need to stop having so many friends with interesting things to say (or argue about)…

Yep! I Took the Boss’ Challenge & Got a Logo Tattoo

mobileStorm CEO Offers Up Bonus to Brand Employees, Has First Taker

The unique offer stems from a trip Reitzin made over six years ago to Dublin, where he had the blue tornado portion of the company’s logo tattooed on his ankle in a show of pure dedication to the company he founded and built from the ground up, as well as to have a “permanent testament on my leg to (that) perseverance, persistence, and determination.” Though the employee bonus offer has been on the table for a while, there so far hadn’t been any takers, until now.

Yeah… that’d be ME 🙂 I really do love my job at mobileStorm, and all the people I work with – both clients and colleagues – and “touching down” there has made it a fairly easy landing after the last few chaotic years. 2010 seems to be the year to start a whole new life!

Shout out to Dana at Studio City Tattoo for the fantastic work! Jared says it’s nicer than his (of course it is!), heh.